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PA Bingo Night 

Saturday 9th May 2015

Please don't forget to buy your tickets for our first bingo evening.

Tickets are only £6.00 per person which includes bingo tickets for 8 games.

Please support our school by coming, we have many fantastic prizes to be won.


Diary Dates

We have a very busy term ahead of us. Please see this week's newsletter or our diary dates section on the website for a full list.

The dates will be updated weekly.


class photos

Letters sent home this week

Meet the team

Mrs J. White

Designated Child Protection Officers

Designated Person for Child Protection:

Mrs Jatinder Virk - Headteacher

Deputy Designated Persons for Safeguarding: 

Mrs Paula O'Shea - Children's Centre Manager

Mrs Teresa Woodley - Learning Mentor

Governor for Child Protection:

Mrs Ann Beaton

Thought for the week

THOUGHT 20.4.15

What's on

Wednesday 29th of April
Friday 1st of May
Thursday 7th of May
Saturday 9th of May
Monday 11th of May


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Useful Links

Click here to connect to Ofsted's Parent View Website

Click here to connect to the DFE Compare Schools Website

Click here to access Bucks County's admissions policy for 2015/16

Click here to access the catchment checker website to check your catchment schools


Disraeli News

 Meet the world's first talking doll Cayla.

  Cayla is one of a kind talking doll that will talk back to you and answer children's questions. Ask her a question and she

will use the internet using voice recognition technology to answer.

The Disraeli School was chosen to test Cayla and you can see our Year 2's verdict here.


Around our school

Bicycle Racers

Giving A Bit

Do you shop online? We have registered the school on the Giving A Bit website so we can receive donations from anyone who shops online. If you register and then search for charity ‘The Disraeli School Fund’ any donations will come to us. There is a huge variety of online shops to buy from, eg Asda, Sainsbury, New Look, Superdrug. Please have a look. We need all the funds we can get!

It's easy just click here 

Riddle of the week

 What has to be broken before you can use it?

(Last weeks answer - A riverbank!)

The Disraeli School and Children's Centre

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 At Disraeli, we believe that, apart from home, school is the most important influence in a child's life; fostering friendships; building confidence; nurturing talents and encouraging achievements.

Our mission:

To provide a quality education enabling all children to achieve their highest standards in a happy, healthy, secure and stimulating environment.


Dizzy Spellers

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wristbandsBecome a Super Speller!

We are committed to making all our children confident, competent spellers. to support our drive we have introduced "Disraeli Spelling Bands."

You can try the spellings yourself. Visit our Dizzy Spellers page to learn more.    



Join our 99 club

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What is the "99" club?

To help in our drive to raise numeracy standards, each week, all of the pupils try and answer a series of numeracy questions.  A 10 minute time limit is set and pupils start with 11 questions (the 11 club) and work up to 99 questions (the 99 club). When they get all of the questions correct they receive a badge and can move onto the next "club" the following week.

Try for the "99" club yourself

You can now try for the 99 club yourself online or just download practice worksheets, click through to our 99 club page to have a go.


Contact Us

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The Disraeli School and Children's Centre

The Pastures
High Wycombe
HP13 5JS

Tel: 01494 445177
Fax: 01494 528796


Head Teacher: Mrs Jatinder Virk

All enquiries should be brought to the attention of the Head Teacher

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Dweeting our learning

Firstly today we started off learning and getting to know our theme also we looked at things which we can communicate with and talked about whether we could use social media to communicate with God. We all said that have to pray to communicate with God. Secondly, we made prayer cards and we all had unique ideas and prayers. We then decorated our prayer cards. Next, we went to assembly and discussed our theme and Mrs Gowers read us a story from the bible. Then we decorated our ginger biscuits shaped as an egg!!! All of us devoured the luxurious biscuits. We all had an epic day, we cannot wait to do other activities!!!! Group 18

Dear Great Gran, I really miss you. I wish you were alive to read this letter. You were the most important person in my life. Thank you for all of the roast dinners. I loved the potatoes the most. I love you so much I can never forget you. I really want to say thank you for the little dolly. I put it in my safest place where not even I can reach it because my dad put it up. Cerys Barnes (Year 3)

Dear Grandma, Thank you for all you have done for me. I really wish you were alive and could make me chocolate cake. I remember that you used to chase me to eat my breakfast. When I used to cry you would take me upstairs and tickle me and I used to laugh. I used to feel very excited when you used to come to my fantastic house and I used to be the first one to hug you. I remember when you used to always let me eat ice cream whenever I wanted. Anyway, bye, I miss you. Hasan Wahid (Year 4)

Dear God, thank you for all the wondrous things that have happened in the past. Thank you for giving me freedom to have fun with family members who are not here anymore. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make the most of the fun I can still have as some of my family aren't here anymore. Thank you for giving me all you can, Amen.  Safyan Sajid (Year 5)

Thank you for Mavro. He was the best cat. I hope he is with you safe and sound! I pray to thank you for making Mavro the kindest cat ever. I loved fussing him and I bet he loved it too! He was kind and a loving house cat. If he was here I would be cuddling and fussing him for the whole day. I loved his hazel cat eyes! I pray to say thank you. Ben Warren (Year 5)

Today in MESSC day we decorated gingerbread cookies and learned about different religious places. Billy Swallow (Year 5)

In Group 2 today we were learning about prayer and reflection.  We listened to the story 'Jonah and the Whale' and thought about how praying can help us.  We relaxed by trying yoga and tai chi.  We enjoyed designing our own prayer mats and sharing some hot cross buns.  We are lucky to have children from so many religions in our school.  The world would be really boring if we were all the same. Maryiam Nadeem (Year 5)

Today in MESSC day we have been learning about prayer and reflection. We listened to the story Jonah and the hale and then decorated a whale and wrote our own reflections around the outside of a whale.  We shared some hot cross buns and learnt the meaning behind them WHICH is the resurrection of Christ. During the day we took time to reflect on our own lives in circle time and some of us meditated, using the Tai Chi and yoga skills we learnt. Farhaan Ali (Year 5)

Today we learnt about prayer and reflection. This morning we designed and made our own places to feel spiritual. We made it out of Lego bricks. Also, we designed our own version of a prayer mat. Then we took part in an introduction to Tai Chi and Yoga, it was very relaxing! We also learnt about other religions and where they worship. Yusuf Ebrahimi (Year 6)

Today in group one we made rice crispy cakes, they looked delicious!  Our theme for the day was prayer and reflection. To start with we learnt about where different people go to pray and then reflected on where we go to reflect.  We expressed this through drawing and play-doh.  Also, we thought about who we could pray for and wrote them down; we put them in balloons and released them outside! Miss Sophie Elkins

Today we learnt about different religions and how they are similar and different. My favourite activity of the day was when we were colouring the prayer mat. Khadija and Aminah

Today we have been learning about prayers and reflections; we learned that different people from around the world go to different places for their personal prayers such as Buddhism. Saniya Bashir (Year 4)

Today in MESSC day we have been learning about reflections and beliefs. Different people have different beliefs. We learnt about reflecting back, also we learnt how to do amazing ... YOGA! This MESSC day has been the best. Love Group 20. We love our MESSC days! Mrs Sarah Chapman-Allen

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