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Christmas Mufti Dayschristmas star

Friday 27th November

We are having another mufti days in next week to collect items for the Christmas Fayre.Children can wear their own clothes in return for donations of bottles i.e. wine, fizzy wine etc.


Thank you for all your wonderful contributions for the Tombola stall.

christmas star


Parents Evening

Thursday 26th November

It's parents evening on Thursday, please don't forget to return your slips if you have not already done so.There are NO clubs on Thursday after school.


christmas star

Thought for the week

thought 23.11.15


Letters sent home this week

Meet the team

Mrs P. Williams

What's on

Thursday 26th of November
Friday 27th of November
Monday 30th of November
Tuesday 1st of December

Around our school

The Disraeli School and Children's Centre

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 At Disraeli, we believe that, apart from home, school is the most important influence in a child's life; fostering friendships; building confidence; nurturing talents and encouraging achievements.

Our mission:

To provide a quality education enabling all children to achieve their highest standards in a happy, healthy, secure and stimulating environment.


Dizzy Spellers

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wristbandsBecome a Super Speller!

We are committed to making all our children confident, competent spellers. to support our drive we have introduced "Disraeli Spelling Bands."

You can try the spellings yourself. Visit our Dizzy Spellers page to learn more.    



Join our 99 club

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What is the "99" club?

To help in our drive to raise numeracy standards, each week, all of the pupils try and answer a series of numeracy questions.  A 10 minute time limit is set and pupils start with 11 questions (the 11 club) and work up to 99 questions (the 99 club). When they get all of the questions correct they receive a badge and can move onto the next "club" the following week.

Try for the "99" club yourself

You can now try for the 99 club yourself online or just download practice worksheets, click through to our 99 club page to have a go.


Contact Us

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The Disraeli School and Children's Centre

The Pastures
High Wycombe
HP13 5JS

Tel: 01494 445177
Fax: 01494 528796


Head Teacher: Mrs Jatinder Virk

All enquiries should be brought to the attention of the Head Teacher

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Dweeting our learning

Today in topic we have been doing "How can we help or hinder our future world?" we were making campaign posters with persuasive writing to convince our target audience KS1, KS2 or even an MP to save water and save the world. Some facts are really interesting like we STILL drink the same water as the dinosaurs did. Also only 1% of the Earths water is available for drinking. In art we are making recycled models and we are making a scorpion. It is a lot of fun and it is going very well making it. Alex Holland (Year 6)

Today we wrote made a campaign in topic on how to save water. We made a poster and here are some of our facts. When you leave the tap on when you brush your teeth every minute wastes six litres. Another one is that California is going into its fifth year with no water. We use about 150 litres per person every day. Jessica Gardiner & Ryan Standen (Year 6)

Today in Literacy we finished writing our appeals. We learnt some new skills on the laptops and learnt about how to write an appeal. Jamila Kanchwala (Year 5)

..... or see our Dweeting page for other Disraeli Dweets

Useful Links

Click here to connect to Ofsted's Parent View Website

Click here to connect to the DFE Compare Schools Website

Click here to access Bucks County's admissions policy for 2015/16

Click here to access the catchment checker website to check your catchment schools


Designated Child Protection Officers

Designated Person for Child Protection:

Mrs Jatinder Virk - Headteacher

Deputy Designated Persons for Safeguarding: 

Mrs Paula O'Shea - Children's Centre Manager

Mrs Teresa Woodley - Learning Mentor

Governor for Child Protection:

Mrs Ann Beaton

Riddle of the week

What has a thumb and four fingers but is not alive?

(Last weeks answer - A Horse!)

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