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summer bunting

We wish all our children, parents and

staff a wonderful summer holiday.

Enjoy your break and spending time with family and friends.sunshine summer

See you all in September.



Letters sent home this week

Meet the team

Mrs K. Ludlow

Thought for the week


What's on

Thursday 4th of September
Tuesday 9th of September
Thursday 11th of September

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Disraeli News

Recently some of our Year 6 children entered the Wave 3 competition.

At the award ceremony we won 4 out of 6 prizes. We are very proud of their efforts.

Please click on the link below to read the article featured in the Bucks Free Press.

wave photo

Click here to read the Bucks Free Press article

Our award winning video can be seen here.

Around our school


Dizzy's Recipes

Giving A Bit

Do you shop online? We have registered the school on the Giving A Bit website so we can receive donations from anyone who shops online. If you register and then search for charity ‘The Disraeli School Fund’ any donations will come to us. There is a huge variety of online shops to buy from, eg Asda, Sainsbury, New Look, Superdrug. Please have a look. We need all the funds we can get!

It's easy just click here 

Riddle of the week

What do you call a tick on the moon?

(Last weeks answer - A Walkie Talkie)

The Disraeli School and Children's Centre

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 At Disraeli, we believe that, apart from home, school is the most important influence in a child's life; fostering friendships; building confidence; nurturing talents and encouraging achievements.

Our mission:

To provide a quality education enabling all children to achieve their highest standards in a happy, healthy, secure and stimulating environment.



Dizzy Spellers

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wristbandsBecome a Super Speller!

We are committed to making all our children confident, competent spellers. to support our drive we have introduced "Disraeli Spelling Bands."

You can try the spellings yourself. Visit our Dizzy Spellers page to learn more.    



Join our 99 club

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What is the "99" club?

To help in our drive to raise numeracy standards, each week, all of the pupils try and answer a series of numeracy questions.  A 10 minute time limit is set and pupils start with 11 questions (the 11 club) and work up to 99 questions (the 99 club). When they get all of the questions correct they receive a badge and can move onto the next "club" the following week.

Try for the "99" club yourself

You can now try for the 99 club yourself online or just download practice worksheets, click through to our 99 club page to have a go.


Contact Us

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The Disraeli School and Children's Centre

The Pastures
High Wycombe
HP13 5JS

Tel: 01494 445177
Fax: 01494 528796


Head Teacher: Mrs Jatinder Virk

All enquiries should be brought to the attention of the Head Teacher

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Dweeting our learning

On Friday in year 4 we finished writing our biographies about Ms Merhin and Mr Daniels on paper and then typed it in the computer on microsoft word. We also went on the school website, clicked on meet the team and then copy and pasted Ms Merhin's and Mr Daniels photo. I was working with Sudais and we decided to join are biographies together so Ms Merhin's biography was from my sheet and Mr Daniels from Sudais's sheet. We put a border around the sheet so it looked pretty, it was amazing. Then we read two stories from the story museum. The first one was called "The Mad Hatters tea party" and the second one was called "Light as a feather," after that we played splat, I was out the first time but the winner the second time. Jamila Kanchwala (Year 3)

At the moment year 6 are getting ready for secondary school and the 2 shows coming up. Disraeli has been such a great experience,I really don't want to leave. I'm so happy Declan is staying though because then I can come and see what the school is up to whilst at his shows, sports days and parents evenings!!! Caitlin McEvoy (Year 6)


Today was the 3rd day of transition. It was just amazing! Mr Daniel's is a super teacher because he is really kind and helpful if we get stuck on something, also today we were doing a biography about Ms Mehrin and Mr Daniels, I know that Mr Daniel's real name is Brian and Ms Mehrin's real name is Maria .I am really looking forward to being in Year 4 in September! Also talking about Ms. Mehrin she is really beautiful and amazing! I really like Ms Mehrin but if I had to pick Mr Daniels or Ms Mehrin I would not be able to choose because they are both phenomenal and superb. That is all I could say about today’s cool day, hope it’s like that tomorrow and for the rest of transition and I know it will with that many amazing teachers. But I will really miss Miss Shackell. Wiktoria Jonca (Year 3)

I've learnt how amazing many of the children in KS2 can be. Many adults in the school spend a lot of time writing, sorting costumes, thinking of dances and practising songs... It's tough work! However it's completely worth it. I can't wait for the evening performances next week where our amazing children show off their outstanding talents. Mr Ben Keegan

Today in year 4 we did loads of activities  and they were so so so so so so so so much fun we got to do door names, all about me booklet and we played the hoop game. I think we only let go 2 times which I think was lucky because the number 2 is closer to number 1. Zara Javed (Year 3)

Next week we are going to do our summer show. I am so amazed and excited! I will give you a hint.  It is about super heros!!! Shania Connell (Year 3)

Today was the first day of transition and my new year 6 teachers are Miss Brydon and Mr Byrne. We had so much fun this morning going out onto the field and sharing our thoughts and worries about year 6. Charlotte Hayes (Year 5)


We have had a wonderful morning in FS1, meeting all of the new children that will be joining us in September. Lots of the children were so excited about joining us, that they did not want to go home ! Mrs S Fiveash 

I have had a fantastic day meeting the new Year 5 class and getting to know you all. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about each other and I'm really excited to continue to get to know you all better over the next two weeks of transition. Miss Josie Mill

I have had a fantastic morning with my brand new class, thank you all! They have already started to prove that they will manage the high expectations of being in Year 6. It is lovely to see their bright and bubbly attitudes and long may it continue! Mr Sam Isaacs

Today I have had such an amazing day. I have learnt that together, my Numeracy group and I have learnt a lot and on the day of their last lesson, I am so proud of all they have achieved! Well done to my group! You are wonderful! Mrs Kirsty Keegan

This week in Little Owls we practised our cutting skills when making dazzling medals. We had great fun taking part in races on the field and learnt to make beats of 3 on the African drums. Miss Sofie Oblein

Today is our last ever Numeracy lesson of Year 3! We have been learning about lots of different things, for example: probability, fractions, decimals, perimeter, area, negative numbers, weight and length. Miss Shackell has helped us with all our learning in Numeracy and we will miss her when we are in Year 4, but we will still remember her! Peace out, group 1 Numeracy. Jamila Kanchwala (Year 3)

Hello Mrs Virk, My name is Faizan Ayoub and I want to tell you about my MESSC Day. I had Mr Keegan and Mrs Gomm in my MESSC Day group. I have a friend called Matthew Taylor. I've made a McDonald's logo. In the afternoon I decorated my gingerbread man. Signed by,Faizan Tayyab Ayoub.  W.W.W - I can write a message. E.B.I - I can explain more reasons (Year 5)

Yesterday and today Year 6 have been adapting their style of writing to suit different audiences and purposes. They have been thinking of their transition to Secondary School and some of the dilemmas and emotions they may need to deal with. I was proud of their thoughtfulness and excellent empathy, as well as fabulous Literacy skills! Miss Jo Pikulski

This Messc Day was  the best! We all made a logo for our group. The winner was Josie's with lots of people joining hands around the world. Mr Simon Byrne

It was great to hear the excitement and enthusiasm of our Yr6 following their visits to their new secondary schools yesterday, they all seem very excited! However they were all still really keen to know what they had missed in MESSC day! Mrs Linda Pope

Today I went to my new school, Sir William Ramsey. I found out that I'm in the same form as Henna, Isobel, Mya and Chloe Shorter. I also learnt the school rules about what I'm allowed to wear and not allowed to wear. Haleemah Noreen (Year 6)

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